Best Tips For New Bettors

Online sports’ betting has seen phenomenal growth in the last five years. With punters from Australia and across the globe taking to online sports betting as a thrilling form of entertainment with the potential to yield lucrative returns, there are a number of essential guidelines to follow before you start laying wagers on sports. Continue reading » Best Tips For New Bettors

The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

Tom Waterhouse is an industry standard in the world of sports betting. A common household name for punters across Australia, Tom Waterhouse is the man behind one of the most reputable online sports books on the planet.

Punters from Australia eager to learn about the story of Tom Waterhouse will be delighted with the following overview of Tom Waterhouse and how he came to build one of the biggest and most successful online betting establishments in the world. Continue reading » The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

Why Sports Betting is Such a Smash Hit in Australia

Studies have found that there is an explosion in sports betting activities, despite the overall decline in the number of gamblers from Australia. The study, which was undertaken by researchers at the New South Wales Southern Cross University, found that 64% of Australians have gambled in the last year, while as many as 82% were doing so in 1999.

Dr Sally Gainsbury, Southern Cross University researcher, has stated that sports betting, on the other hand, has doubled in popularity. The take has grown by 15% in a short 5-year period. Continue reading » Why Sports Betting is Such a Smash Hit in Australia

Using Positive Progression Betting Systems

Using Positive Progression Betting Systems

Since the dawn of time as regards betting and gambling, punters and players have put their minds to developing a system that will give them a little more of the edge. In fact, some of history’s greatest minds have tried to invent systems for beating the house: although not a gambler, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal studied the philosophical problem of making decisions involving events with an uncertain outcome as early as 1654. Continue reading » Using Positive Progression Betting Systems

Does Betting Strategy Help?

Does Betting Strategy Help?

The main objective of betting is to win.  Way back when betting started punters have tried to work out various betting strategies or systems to help them win.  It is logical that in order to win punters will look for a way to help them increase those odds.  Because of this there are many strategies out there and punters around the world use many of them.  Some strategies have not been published as they probably do not work or if they do the punters are keeping this secret to themselves. Continue reading » Does Betting Strategy Help?

Are Tipsters Reliable?

Are Tipsters Reliable?

Simply put, a tipster is somebody that gives information on the outcomes of sporting events on a regular basis. This information was traditionally quite tricky to come by, and as a result was highly sought after by punters. Especially if the tipster in question appeared to be right more often than not. Continue reading » Are Tipsters Reliable?

Casino Games

The Australian Casino Game Guide

Betting and gambling in Australia has always been welcomed and embraced by both the people and the local government. There are no strict rules when it comes to betting, and for the most part, Australian bettors and game players are free to indulge in any casino games of their choice. Continue reading » Casino Games

Sports Bets

About Sports Bets

Of all the types of betting in the world, sports bets are definitely the oldest, with ancient civilisations, such as the Romans, known for taking out wagers on different sporting events. In today’s society, sports bets are some of the most popular in the world, and there has never been a greater variety of sports as well as the types of bets that can be made on the sports. Continue reading » Sports Bets

soccer betting

Soccer Betting for NZ Punters

Soccer is big business in New Zealand. As the third most popular sport in the country, there are a variety of tournaments which take place throughout the year in both summer and winter. The premier tournament is the New Zealand Football Championship, also known as the Stirling Sports Premiership and formerly the ASB Premiership, which is contested by 10 teams and takes place in summer. Continue reading » soccer betting

NZ Betting

History of NZ Betting

Betting in New Zealand was not popular for many years and in 1920 sports betting was made illegal.  It was only when the Totaliser Agency Board (TAB) was given the go ahead to run pari-mutuel betting at the race tracks that NZ betting was accepted.  During 1990 betting started to take off and the first casino opened in 1994. Continue reading » NZ Betting