The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

Tom Waterhouse is an industry standard in the world of sports betting. A common household name for punters across Australia, Tom Waterhouse is the man behind one of the most reputable online sports books on the planet.

Punters from Australia eager to learn about the story of Tom Waterhouse will be delighted with the following overview of Tom Waterhouse and how he came to build one of the biggest and most successful online betting establishments in the world. Continue reading » The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

Why Sports Betting is Such a Smash Hit in Australia

Studies have found that there is an explosion in sports betting activities, despite the overall decline in the number of gamblers from Australia. The study, which was undertaken by researchers at the New South Wales Southern Cross University, found that 64% of Australians have gambled in the last year, while as many as 82% were doing so in 1999.

Dr Sally Gainsbury, Southern Cross University researcher, has stated that sports betting, on the other hand, has doubled in popularity. The take has grown by 15% in a short 5-year period. Continue reading » Why Sports Betting is Such a Smash Hit in Australia

Does Betting Strategy Help?

Does Betting Strategy Help?

The main objective of betting is to win.  Way back when betting started punters have tried to work out various betting strategies or systems to help them win.  It is logical that in order to win punters will look for a way to help them increase those odds.  Because of this there are many strategies out there and punters around the world use many of them.  Some strategies have not been published as they probably do not work or if they do the punters are keeping this secret to themselves.

It is important that punters understand the difference between the term strategy and system.  A strategy can be defined as a game plan in order to achieve a goal while system is a number of principles or methods used to achieve a goal.  The definition most used in betting is a strategy and this does not refer to rules, but the way in which punters apply a method.  The word system when used in betting is a set of rules that are followed for example a punter who always places a bet on the top seeded tennis player to win.  This is not a strategy, just following one rule.

Beware of Bad Strategies

The internet is full of strategies and systems that punters can use to win.  Sadly, many of these do not work and punters must keep in mind that betting is often left completely to chance.  The majority of these websites ask for money in return for sharing their strategies and punters who are willing to try anything will be taken advantage of.  There are definitely strategies that can help punters improve their odds, but a win is never guaranteed unless there is some underhandedness going on.  It is definitely possible to work out a strategy that will help punters secure a win and this is especially true for sports betting such as horse racing.  Punters should rather put this money to better use and rather invest in books which can assist them in improve their betting skills.

Progressive Betting Systems

Progressive betting systems involve rules for adjusting the size of a bet determined by the bets previously lost or won.  These are especially popular with the casino gaming world.  There are many progressive betting systems, many of them are well known, but they are not perfect.  They do not always guarantee a win, but some of them can be helpful if they are used correctly and if punters make sure they understand how each one can benefit them.  Progressive betting systems include the Gamblers Fallacy, the Labouchere, the Martingale, the Paroli and many more.  These methods can improve the odds and this is done by using specific methods and honing betting skills.

Sports betting also requires some luck but here punters can make use of their horse racing betting strategies.  There are many professional punters making good money on sports betting.  The majority of them are successful as they are disciplined and make a point of finding out which strategies will beat the bookmakers.  A sports betting strategy is mainly learning all one can about the particular sport and also knowing which type of bet to place.  Researching the team or player is important for sports betting as well as any external conditions such as the weather, which often plays an important role in most sports.

A good betting strategy will definitely increase the odds of a win and by putting in some extra reading punters will have a better chance of a successful wager.

Are Tipsters Reliable?

Are Tipsters Reliable?

Simply put, a tipster is somebody that gives information on the outcomes of sporting events on a regular basis. This information was traditionally quite tricky to come by, and as a result was highly sought after by punters. Especially if the tipster in question appeared to be right more often than not.

Tipsters can either work on their own or in a group, and are usually independent of any bookies. The more accurate a tipster’s previous tips have been the more sought after that tipster will be. But that leads into another question, how accurate are tipsters really, and are tipsters reliable? This is not an easy question to answer but by looking at the facts we can draw our own conclusions.

Types Of Tipster

There are generally 2 types of tipster; the insider and the analyser. The insider is normally a person close to one of the competitors and has a behind the scenes knowledge that allows him or her to gain insights into the event or athlete or race horse that others with limited access simply cannot know. In horse racing circles, a tip that is generally seen as a sure thing or statistical certainty is also know as a nap.

The second type of tipster, or what I have labelled as the analyser is a statistical guru and can apply mathematics and reasoning to a set of probabilities and usually come out on top. His or her value is different to the insider as this data is more rooted in data sets and not in first hand accounts from competitors or people within the closed circle close to the team or athlete.

Are Tipsters Accurate? 

The simple answer is yes, tipsters that are good at analysing data, or tipsters with inside knowledge and information about an event, race or match can be very reliable. There are however those that masquerade as tipsters but actually recycle other people’s tips or simply make up their own as they go.

These scam artists are usually easy to spot as they pop up overnight and tend to vanish almost as quickly. This is why a good reputation should always precede your dealings with a tipster.

The internet has also muddied the waters a bit for tipsters, this is because everyone is able to weigh in on their opinions when posting anonymously online and these musings may or may not be rooted in fact, which makes these tips a bit tricky to verify.

Another factor to consider when looking at free tips online is to do your research thoroughly and make sure that whatever tips you are following are logical.

Do Tipsters Still Play A Role?

The answer here must surely be yes. To casual punters it is almost impossible to wade through all of the statistical data necessary to draw mathematically accurate odds on which to place esports bets. Leaving this drudgery to a passionate tipster is usually well worth the money and time that would be otherwise spent by punters.

Likewise it is almost certain that a casual punter would not have the necessary connections within the sport on which he is wishing to place a wager to have gleaned any worth while information that will make a meaningful contribution to his or her betting.

By using a healthy mix of tipsters, the internet and common sense, punters can find themselves making smart choices at the bookies.

Casino Games

The Australian Casino Game Guide

Betting and gambling in Australia has always been welcomed and embraced by both the people and the local government. There are no strict rules when it comes to betting, and for the most part, Australian bettors and game players are free to indulge in any casino games of their choice.

Australia is home to a plethora of different casinos, and casino games are one of the country’s most popular pastimes. The popularity of theses games only exploded once the Internet was introduced to the general public, and now there are dozens of sites that cater to the Australian betting public, offering them all the latest games and bonuses.

There is a lot that can be learnt about the different gambling laws and how they tie into casino games, and this information can help players have a more rounded, intricate knowledge of the casino world that they love and cherish.

Australian Betting Situation

The Australian government has never adopted harsh gambling laws, and betting in all forms has been common since the first modern Australians settled on the country. Even the native Australians, the Aborigines, quickly grew to love the card games that the Chinese would bring over, and that love remains to this day.

The Australian government has, however, attempted to add some regulation to gambling within the country, but many of these regulations are out-dated and don’t quite hold up against modern online casinos and their games.

What Laws Are In Place In Australia?

While there was once an attempted prohibition of card games before the 1970s, the Australian public was quick to fight back against these laws, and they fell away over time. Instead, the government chose to rather add a tax to gambling, where players would be required to pay the government a percentage of any winnings that they made.

As online casino became more prevalent across the world, Australia was one of the first countries to adopt online casinos as a pastime that met all their betting needs. As of today, there are no laws that prohibit any type of betting, and Australian players are free to play games at their leisure on any International sites of their choice.

Who Monitors Australian Betting?

Betting in Australia is monitored and regulated by the many states within the country, but there are some agencies that also regulate what goes on. The Australian Racing Commission is one of these agencies, and they monitor most of the local races that take place within the country, such as horse racing.

Playing Securely In Australian

Security is a concern all over the world, but especially for those that are from countries where the government does not actively regulate online betting. This is because it means that bettors and game players do not have a safety net to fall back on in case something goes wrong while playing at an International online casino.

This makes it very important that any sites that a player wishes to join up with must have the right licences and seals of approval. There are many international agencies that constantly watch the more well-known online casino sites for any illicit activities, and to make sure that all the games the site offers are fair to the players.

One such site is eCOGRA, which requires that casino sites submit to annual audits and monitoring to ensure the safety of players. Players should make sure that the site they want to sign up with is monitored by agencies like eCOGRA or others for the sake of security.

Fund Security For Australians

Any online casino site that is monitored by eCOGRA will have its seal of approval on the site’s home screen. This is the first and best way to make sure that a site is safe to use, and that there is very little chance of anything going wrong.

Secondly, sites that have the right security measures are vital. When loading up a site, if there is a little green lock located in the URL bar at the top of the browser, it means the site is safe to use and that all information will be secured.

Recourse For Australian Players

If there are any issues, or the player suspects there is foul play, the first thing they should do is contact the customer support that is offered by the casino. If the issue remains unresolved, the player should then contact the agency that regulates the casino. In most cases, the casino will offer information that allows players to contact agencies such as eCOGRA, should the need arise. – Popular Australian Games

There are a number of casino games that have gained massive popularity within the country. Each of these games can often be found for free, but there are just as many versions that can be played for real money.


Pokies are the most popular casino games in the world. There are thousands of different pokies games to choose from, and anyone with an Internet connection has free reign to find a large range of pokies games, featuring everything from simple, classic pokies, to modern, complex video pokies.


The staple of any casino, blackjack is an absolute classic, and remains one of the most played casino games in the world. Blackjack is extremely popular in Australia, and many international sites offer different varieties of the game.


Another incredibly popular card game, poker is enjoyed around the world, and there are thousands of Australian players who take part in the game every day. Most casinos will offer straight video poker to their players, and it is even possible to take part in live poker tournaments online.

Finding The Best Games Online

Finding the casino that suits your needs is the first and most important step to take when entering the exciting casino world. Once a site has been chosen and you have signed up, it is simply a matter of choosing a game that looks the most interesting and enjoying it. Many casinos will offer games free to play, but if you feel up to it, these same games can be played for real money.

Beach Basketball

Sandy Shores and Beach Basketball Sports Betting

There are actually quite a few popular games that are played alternatively on the sand in a beach type setting. The particular focus of these is on the sport of Beach Basketball which is played similarly to the original form of the game with a few necessary changes to accommodate different court. Like many of the games that are played on the soft sand there is a certainly relaxing factor applied to this sport that cannot be found in the traditional format of the game. On the side of betting though this game and sports like it are still filled with different opportunities.

The way to approach the game of Beach Basketball then, from a punters perspective is to first learn all one can about what is involved. With regards to this specific game this requires a little bit of history and a brief rundown on the rules involved. From here one can look at how the betting setup changes from the traditional form of the game to the beach set one. These factors accumulate to provide the punters looking for some sports betting in this field to place some more educated and therefore more likely successful sport bets.

History and More about Beach Basketball Sports

To analyse the game of Beach Basketball one first must go back to the origins of the game itself. This form of the famous ball sport was invented in the USA by one Philip Bryant and has since grown quite considerably in popularity all around the world similarly to NBA basketball betting. Currently there are some 15 annual world championships in this particular sport, which means that the punters will have plenty of opportunity to place a few bets. It is also played in various nations around the world so if punters are lucky they may even be able to find some action live in their area.

Rules and Structure of Beach Basketball Games

Though the game of Beach Basketball is played similarly to the traditional version of the game, there are some noticeable differences. Firstly, there are only 3 players allowed on the court, made from sand, with a possible 2 extras as substitutes. One of the more interesting rules of this game is that there are no lines demarcating an out of bounds ball, so players can essentially run all over the place. Like the traditional game there is still hoops on both ends and the objective remains to score the ball through the opponents’ hoop. One other aspect that differs this game from its counterpart is that there is no dribbling possibilities so players must pass the ball relatively quickly to move forward.

Betting Suggestions and Advice on Beach Basketball

There is clearly a fair bit different from this game of Beach Basketball and its hard court associate, but how does this effect the betting options? The truth is that there is little overall difference involved, since the games result in a similar fashion and have the same rules for victory. However due to the differences between the two the punters should learn the ins and outs of this particular sport to refine their betting chances and options.


Bathurst Harness Racing Betting Guide

Harness racing at Bathurst is a prime sport, which is highly popular amongst punters from Australasia, Canada and America.

Interlinked to horse racing betting punters can expect a host of thrilling wagering fields, similar to horse racing. Complete with outright winners and handicaps harness racing at Bathurst is set for electrifying feature action, available to punters under a blanket of stars.

With harness racing a highly popular discipline across Australasia, each state governs individual bodies linked to each territory, with individual administrational bodies, which oversee harness racing in the region.

The Racing Structure 

In harness racing the driver is towed in a two-wheel cart called a sulky, which is attached to the horse.

All horses that participate in harness racing are standard bred horses, with two variations of speeds horses either step to a trot or run to a gallop.

Harness racing is run in an anti clockwise direction, usually over distances of one to two miles.

Punters opting for harness racing betting should be aware that the majority of races are staged on Friday and Saturday evenings and can be found at tote betting online.

Trotting Versus Pacing

New punters seeking top class betting action at Bathurst racing track should consider the two variations of gaits in harness racing.

Understanding the difference between trotting and pacing will ensure the most valuable betting angle on either gait.

In trotting, the horses near side back leg moves forward with its offside front leg in tandem, only to be repeated by the opposite legs.

When the horses pace their nearside front and rear legs move back and forth in tandem. Trotting is essentially a brisk walk while pacing makes way for a speedier gallop.

Punters seeking ultimate tips on the events at Bathurst should keep in mind that training trotters requires more discipline.

Horses trotting May over step the mark leaning to disqualification. Punters should consider both the driver and the horse when placing wagers at Bathurst.

New South Wales’s Bathurst 

Each State adheres to a principal Racing Authority, who administers the harness racing event.

Bathurst harness racing track is located in New South Wales and Harness Racing New South Wales is the official administrator of all Harness racing events in the state.

Major harness racing tracks providing punters with thrilling betting opportunities in the state include Newcastle, Young, Wagga, Penrith, Bankstown and Bathurst.

Bathurst Events 

Punters will be elated by the variety of thrilling betting options available at Bathurst Racing track.

The usual meeting days at Bathurst include Wednesday nights for primary events, Friday nights for Feature events and the Gold Crown Carnival consisting of six meetings run over nine days in March.

Consistent Runners

Punters in quest of thrilling betting at Bathurst should consider the runners consistency.

Punters opting to lay wagers on Bathurst features should follow horses that show consistency as trotting and pacing harness racing embodies consistency as a fundamental discipline imperative to winning.

Betting Platforms

Punters opting for betting action at Bathurst Racing track have an array of platforms available to make use of. Land based outlets and online providers are available to punters, with the mobile app market penetrating betting culture providers have dedicated apps loaded with Bathurst betting options.


About the Australian A-League

The A-League is Australasia’s premium and professional men’s football or soccer league, run by the FFA (Football Federation Australia).  It consists of 8 teams made up of one from New Zealand, Wellington Phoenix, and the other eight from Australia: Adelaide United, Brisbane Roar, Central Coast Mariners, Melbourne City, Melbourne Victory, Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory, Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers.

The A-League season runs from August to February, and offers exciting betting options for punters who want to bet on a particular team or they can put a couple of teams straight into a sports multi bet.  There are 27 rounds in the season, and each team will play against the other teams three times in intensely competitive matches.  Towards the end of the season, the top six teams from that season participate in the Grand Final.

Commonly Seen A-League Betting Markets

Regularly seen betting markers for A-League on the vast majority of big, online sportsbooks are head-to-head, margin, handicap and points, over and under, doubles, players, scorecast, multiples, tri-bet, quarter-by-quarter, futures, correct scores, to win to nil, to come from behind, team to score most, corner match bet and outrights. Those are, however only a tiny example of the massive selection of bets you can place on the A-League matches.


Live Betting For The A-League Season

Most of the big online bookmakers will be offering live streaming of the games each season, and live bets will definitely be an exciting option for punters following the A-League.  Each season ends up being thrilling viewing, who is defending their first ever premier title, who is looking to gain a first ever A-League title, and who might have had an off few years but now have new players that will get them back to the top?  These are all questions you need to consider for some exciting A-League rugby betting online each year.

The A-League Teams Worth Betting On

Melbourne Victory are always a great team to back, they have won the premier three times previously and have been in good form for years.  Melbourne City also have a reputation of doing well and are generally touted as one of the top ranked teams out there. Sydney FC is a solid team to back, and Brisbane Roar is as well, between them they hold a whopping seven premierships out of the 11 previous Grand Finals.

The Wooden Spoon Race

This is a betting option on the A-League, where punters can place bets on the anticipated winner of the dubious wooden spoon award, by backing the team that they think will land at the bottom of the regular season’s ladder.

A-League Betting Tips

Over/Under Total Goals: This is the option to bet on if you think there may be less or more than 2.5 goals scored in the game. If the total goals scored in said game ends on 1-1, then it’s under.  If the ending is 3-1, then it’s over. Often other totals for betting are also made available – usually being 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 and finally 4.5.

Handicap Betting: Here the bookies will offer you a chance to bet on the final result, but where one of the teams has started with a handicap which is usually one to two goals.


Online Sports Betting At 888sport

888sport is an online bookmaker that is distinguishable from a host of other bookmakers as 888sport offers punters high limit wagers on a host of sports disciplines. 888sport is a reliable gaming provider, fully licensed making sure all payouts are legitimately secure.

The sports book is synonymous with free bets and on going promotions, making for a frequently visited sports betting domain. With large traffic volumes running through the site, punters can rest assured the site is trustworthy and fully functional.

888sport offers punters an immersing live betting platform that holds its grad high amongst other industry leading online sports books.

Rely On 888sport

Operating with full license jurisdiction out Gibraltar, 888sport is bound to stringent licensing conditions.

This makes 888sport a notable player in the online domain. With complete compliance to strict licensing regulations governed by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority 888sport accepts a budding assortment of punters from around the globe.

The bookmaker has also obtained a legal license to trade with sports bettors in the U.K.

The sports book adheres to data integrity practices; this ensures that all personal customer data is protected to the highest possible level in an online environment.

Pick Your Poison

Fully operational in a rich selection of mainstream and niche sporting disciplines, 888sport has created an online domain that allows for an interesting mix of possibility.

The most interesting feature that comes into play is the sports books market penetration and depth of field in the markets it offers. The bookmaker offers an extensive range of betting possibilities, which makes for a special mix of thrilling sports betting action.

Punters opting for 888sport can expect markets including UFC, tennis, snooker, rugby union and league events, the Olympics, ice hockey, motor sport, horse racing, greyhound racing, golf, GAA, football, darts, cycling, cricket, boxing basketball, American football, Aussie rules and a multi mix of other lesser betting markets.

888sport Live Play

888sport boasts an impressive selection of sports betting markets that cater to all punters seeking sports betting action. With in-depth market penetration on each mainstream sporting discipline, 888sport strives to offer a more diversified live betting interface that adapts on the go during live play sporting events such as real time punting for rugby betting online.

The bookmaker affords punters the opportunity to place wagers on events currently in play and reinvents the system by offering odds on fixtures that are yet to be held.

This means punters can opt in for early betting odds. Value bets can be declared here, meaning if you have prior knowledge and 888sport offers odds that you perceive as lucrative, wager on the event with the possibility of the odds turning into lucrative payouts that can be doubled or even tripled.

Qualify For Rewards

Through advertising campaigns and player experience, 888sport has gathered a reputation as an online sports book-providing punters with extended rewards that have the potential to keep getting better.

The sports book has a multiplicity of bonus options available; some of which include a mobile only bonus, which affords punters playing on mobile the chance to receive a refund on a loosing wager.

Multiple football market bonuses, a horse racing special that could see your stake refunded if your chosen runner looses by a half a length or less, this reward is only valid up to twenty-five credits.

American sports overtime payback bonuses. 888sport also offers a treble your odds bonus reward for new players to the value of between five and ten credits.


Gunslinger Online Slot

If the Wild Wild West runs in your blood then Gunslinger will get your heart racing. The Wild West theme has been recreated many a time by online gaming developers, but this particular version of this theme has been perfectly executed in every way. The design of this online video slot is to be complimented as it speaks of quality, not to mention the effort that went into the 3 original bonus features to keep players’ eyes glued to their screens.

Setup And Slot Symbols

Gunslinger is a 25 payline, 5 reel slot that allows a maximum line bet of 5 coins. This slot also offers players an autoplay button so they can pre-set a number of spins and watch the game as it unfolds.

The reel symbols that feature in the Gunslinger slot are true to the theme and the developer has even gone as far as to turn the standard playing card symbols into saloon poker symbols that feature in all Wild West scenes. These poker cards even have betting chips next to them.

The Gunslinger cowboy is the Wild symbol of this slot. Five of these symbols could secure 10 000 coins for you. These Wild symbols also substitute other normal Gunslinger symbols during play to complete or create winning combinations.

The Scatter symbol pays out 1000 coins for 5 of these lucky symbols, and the officer’s badge will secure 300 credits for 5 in a row.

Gunslinger is all about the wild side of the West and this means you need to keep out a watchful eye. Whilst at it, focus on the 3 main symbols of this slot. The first symbol to follow is the white horse which represents the Scatter of the Gunslinger slot. This symbol has the ability to pay out as much as 200 times your bet total if you secure 5 of them anywhere on active reels. Four of these white horses will multiply your stake by 20. The Wanted poster is limited to the first 3 reels of the Gunslinger slot and this activates the Bounty Hunt bonus feature.

The bonus symbol of the Gunslinger slot is a bottle of good old whiskey, which is limited to the 3 reels in the middle and has the ability to trigger the free spin round.

Gunslinger Bonus Features

Should you manage to achieve winning combinations with all 5 card symbols during your play, you will go to a bonus card game screen which could land you the Gunslinger progressive jackpot. You can keep track of which cards have achieved winning status as well as the progressive bonus amount, as this is constantly displayed at the top of the screen.

As soon as this card game activates, you will receive 5 playing cards lying face down on your screen. Players now have to click on these cards in order for them to see what each card holds. These cards can reveal cash prizes or a sheriff’s badge. If you trigger 5 badges, you will have won the Gunslinger progressive jackpot, if not, you will at least win the total of all the cash prizes that was reflected on the playing cards.

During the Free Spin bonus you stand a chance of winning it big. When players trigger the Free Spin round, you are presented with 3 whiskey bottle symbols. A hand with a gun will appear on the screen, and you have to shoot the bottle of your choice. The bottle you just shot down will reflect the number of free spins.