The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

Tom Waterhouse is an industry standard in the world of sports betting. A common household name for punters across Australia, Tom Waterhouse is the man behind one of the most reputable online sports books on the planet.

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Why Sports Betting is Such a Smash Hit in Australia

Studies have found that there is an explosion in sports betting activities, despite the overall decline in the number of gamblers from Australia. The study, which was undertaken by researchers at the New South Wales Southern Cross University, found that 64% of Australians have gambled in the last year, while as many as 82% were doing so in 1999.

Dr Sally Gainsbury, Southern Cross University researcher, has stated that sports betting, on the other hand, has doubled in popularity. The take has grown by 15% in a short 5-year period. Continue reading » Why Sports Betting is Such a Smash Hit in Australia

Does Betting Strategy Help?

Does Betting Strategy Help?

The main objective of betting is to win.  Way back when betting started punters have tried to work out various betting strategies or systems to help them win.  It is logical that in order to win punters will look for a way to help them increase those odds.  Because of this there are many strategies out there and punters around the world use many of them.  Some strategies have not been published as they probably do not work or if they do the punters are keeping this secret to themselves.

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Casino Games

The Australian Casino Game Guide

Betting and gambling in Australia has always been welcomed and embraced by both the people and the local government. There are no strict rules when it comes to betting, and for the most part, Australian bettors and game players are free to indulge in any casino games of their choice.

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A Detailed Look at Placing Online Sports Bets in New Zealand

Of all the types of betting in the world, sports bets are definitely the oldest, with ancient civilisations, such as the Romans, known for taking out wagers on different sporting events. In today’s society, sports bets are some of the most popular in the world, and there has never been a greater variety of sports as well as the types of bets that can be made on the sports.

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Beach Basketball

Sandy Shores and Beach Basketball Sports Betting

There are actually quite a few popular games that are played alternatively on the sand in a beach type setting. The particular focus of these is on the sport of Beach Basketball which is played similarly to the original form of the game with a few necessary changes to accommodate different court. Like many of the games that are played on the soft sand there is a certainly relaxing factor applied to this sport that cannot be found in the traditional format of the game. On the side of betting though this game and sports like it are still filled with different opportunities.

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Bathurst Harness Racing Betting Guide

Harness racing at Bathurst is a prime sport, which is highly popular amongst punters from Australasia, Canada and America.

Interlinked to horse racing betting punters can expect a host of thrilling wagering fields, similar to horse racing. Complete with outright winners and handicaps harness racing at Bathurst is set for electrifying feature action, available to punters under a blanket of stars.

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About the Australian A-League

The A-League is Australasia’s premium and professional men’s football or soccer league, run by the FFA (Football Federation Australia).  It consists of 8 teams made up of one from New Zealand, Wellington Phoenix, and the other eight from Australia: Adelaide United, Brisbane Roar, Central Coast Mariners, Melbourne City, Melbourne Victory, Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory, Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers.

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Online Sports Betting At 888sport

888sport is an online bookmaker that is distinguishable from a host of other bookmakers as 888sport offers punters high limit wagers on a host of sports disciplines. 888sport is a reliable gaming provider, fully licensed making sure all payouts are legitimately secure.

The sports book is synonymous with free bets and on going promotions, making for a frequently visited sports betting domain. With large traffic volumes running through the site, punters can rest assured the site is trustworthy and fully functional.

888sport offers punters an immersing live betting platform that holds its grad high amongst other industry leading online sports books.

Rely On 888sport

Operating with full license jurisdiction out Gibraltar, 888sport is bound to stringent licensing conditions.

This makes 888sport a notable player in the online domain. With complete compliance to strict licensing regulations governed by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority 888sport accepts a budding assortment of punters from around the globe.

The bookmaker has also obtained a legal license to trade with sports bettors in the U.K.

The sports book adheres to data integrity practices; this ensures that all personal customer data is protected to the highest possible level in an online environment.

Pick Your Poison

Fully operational in a rich selection of mainstream and niche sporting disciplines, 888sport has created an online domain that allows for an interesting mix of possibility.

The most interesting feature that comes into play is the sports books market penetration and depth of field in the markets it offers. The bookmaker offers an extensive range of betting possibilities, which makes for a special mix of thrilling sports betting action.

Punters opting for 888sport can expect markets including UFC, tennis, snooker, rugby union and league events, the Olympics, ice hockey, motor sport, horse racing, greyhound racing, golf, GAA, football, darts, cycling, cricket, boxing basketball, American football, Aussie rules and a multi mix of other lesser betting markets.

888sport Live Play

888sport boasts an impressive selection of sports betting markets that cater to all punters seeking sports betting action. With in-depth market penetration on each mainstream sporting discipline, 888sport strives to offer a more diversified live betting interface that adapts on the go during live play sporting events such as real time punting for rugby betting online.

The bookmaker affords punters the opportunity to place wagers on events currently in play and reinvents the system by offering odds on fixtures that are yet to be held.

This means punters can opt in for early betting odds. Value bets can be declared here, meaning if you have prior knowledge and 888sport offers odds that you perceive as lucrative, wager on the event with the possibility of the odds turning into lucrative payouts that can be doubled or even tripled.

Qualify For Rewards

Through advertising campaigns and player experience, 888sport has gathered a reputation as an online sports book-providing punters with extended rewards that have the potential to keep getting better.

The sports book has a multiplicity of bonus options available; some of which include a mobile only bonus, which affords punters playing on mobile the chance to receive a refund on a loosing wager.

Multiple football market bonuses, a horse racing special that could see your stake refunded if your chosen runner looses by a half a length or less, this reward is only valid up to twenty-five credits.

American sports overtime payback bonuses. 888sport also offers a treble your odds bonus reward for new players to the value of between five and ten credits.