All American

All American is a Popular Video Poker Game

Real Time Gaming is a popular online casino platform, and one of the few that accepts players from the United States. They also operate their own online casinos, and their platform is very fast and stable.

Real Time Gaming has produced all types of casino games, including slots game and a range of table games, scratch cards and bingo. Their video poker games are also well known and popular all over the world, and one of their video poker games that is often played online is All American video Poker.

All American video poker is another variation of Jacks or Better, and is a favourite among players who are fairly experienced in playing video poker games. All American has grown in popularity over time, and now you can play the game online whenever you want to.

Very Generous Pay-outs

One of the main reasons for the Popularity of All American video poker is its generous pay table. This game will give large payouts for Flush and Straight winning hands, and also some pretty big pay outs for hands like Straight Flushes and Four of a Kind. These huge payouts are balanced to some degree by a reduced pay out for hands containing Two Pairs and a Full House. Pay outs will therefore be higher than standard for a Straight Flush, a Straight or Flush hands, a standard pay out for a Royal Flush or Three of a Kind, or Jacks or Better, and a lower than normal pay out for a Full House or Two Pairs.

All American by Realtime Gaming does play more or less like the game Jacks or Better, but you may need a different strategy because of the different scale of pay outs on some of the hands. Even the most experience players, including the professionals, believe that it is always best to keep paying hands as opposed to breaking them up in the hope of getting a better hand in the next deal.

Certain Strategies to Remember

There are certain tips that you can apply while playing All American video poker. If you not have in your hand a Four of a Kind, a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush in the first deal, always keep the four cards that may lead to a royal flush, or go for a Full House. If you have four cards to a straight flush with no gaps, go for a Flush or a Straight. Keep four cards to a Straight Flush even if there is one gap, and keep three of a kind. Always keep three suited high cards, and keep flour cards to a Flush, and keep two pairs. Also it is a good idea to keep a king, queen, jack and ten even if unsuited.

There are several other combinations of cards you may receive in the first draw that are worth keeping intact, but if none of them appear, discard all cards and draw five new ones. Some also suggest that if you have a high card plus a winning Pair, it is wiser to discard the high card. There could be the distinct possibility of getting Three of a Kind. You may get another high card to go with the original one, but in All American video poker, the payouts for Two Pairs and a Full House are reduced, so it is best to go for the higher paying combinations.

If you have played and enjoyed Jacks or Better, then you will have an easy time playing All American too.