Australian poker machines

Land Based and Online Australian Poker Machines

In Australia and throughout the world, poker is considered to be one of the most popular casino card games around. There are many version of the game that can be found in land based casinos and online. The most popular variation is the classic 5 card stud game. As opposed to Texas Hold’em poker or casino Hold’em, 5 card draw is a game where all 5 cards are dealt straight off the bat. This is also the main type of game found on all Australian poker machines in land based casinos and online. Because of the popularity of the game, many land based casino introduced video poker machines to cater for more players.


The Benefit of Poker Machines

The main benefit of a poker machines is that it give players the opportunity to play a real game of poker without having to wait for an available table. A player can walk straight up to the machine, place their bet and play against the computer at any time. With the introduction of online casinos, the classic poker machine has also been adapted for the online casino community. Australian poker machines can be found in almost every land based and online casino in Australia and around the world.

Classic VS Video Poker

If you have ever played a game of poker online or in a casino, playing on a poker machine will be simple enough. Most Australian poker machines are based on the standard game of 5 card draw. The biggest difference with land based and online poker machines is the betting. With video poker, players bet against the computer and not other players, this means that winning a round is based on the card combinations achieved. Players cannot win a round by bluffing their opponents our out betting the opposition.

How Video Poker Works

With Australian poker machines and online video poker, most games have a minimum paying hand of a pair of jacks or better. This means that if players do not achieve this hand, they will lose their bet. With video poker, the game begins with the player placing his or her bet. This can be done by hitting the bet one button or the max bet button. At the top of the screen a paytable will display the various card combinations and the amount paid out per bet. Once the bet has been placed the computer/machine will deal the player five cards from a randomised deck.

Playing and Winning on a Poker Machine

When playing video poker on Australian poker machines, player will initially be dealt 5 cards. Players can then decide if they would like to keep any of the cards or discard any of the cards. If players want to keep a card they simply select the card and tap on the hold button. With online video poker, players simply have to click on the card. Once players have selected which cards they wish to keep, they can hit the deal button and the machine will replace the discarded cards. In video poker, the computer will automatically determine if a player has a winning hand and will pay out accordingly.