Bathurst Harness Racing Betting Guide

Harness racing at Bathurst is a prime sport, which is highly popular amongst punters from Australasia, Canada and America.

Interlinked to horse racing betting punters can expect a host of thrilling wagering fields, similar to horse racing. Complete with outright winners and handicaps harness racing at Bathurst is set for electrifying feature action, available to punters under a blanket of stars.

With harness racing a highly popular discipline across Australasia, each state governs individual bodies linked to each territory, with individual administrational bodies, which oversee harness racing in the region.

The Racing Structure 

In harness racing the driver is towed in a two-wheel cart called a sulky, which is attached to the horse.

All horses that participate in harness racing are standard bred horses, with two variations of speeds horses either step to a trot or run to a gallop.

Harness racing is run in an anti clockwise direction, usually over distances of one to two miles.

Punters opting for harness racing betting should be aware that the majority of races are staged on Friday and Saturday evenings and can be found at tote betting online.

Trotting Versus Pacing

New punters seeking top class betting action at Bathurst racing track should consider the two variations of gaits in harness racing.

Understanding the difference between trotting and pacing will ensure the most valuable betting angle on either gait.

In trotting, the horses near side back leg moves forward with its offside front leg in tandem, only to be repeated by the opposite legs.

When the horses pace their nearside front and rear legs move back and forth in tandem. Trotting is essentially a brisk walk while pacing makes way for a speedier gallop.

Punters seeking ultimate tips on the events at Bathurst should keep in mind that training trotters requires more discipline.

Horses trotting May over step the mark leaning to disqualification. Punters should consider both the driver and the horse when placing wagers at Bathurst.

New South Wales’s Bathurst 

Each State adheres to a principal Racing Authority, who administers the harness racing event.

Bathurst harness racing track is located in New South Wales and Harness Racing New South Wales is the official administrator of all Harness racing events in the state.

Major harness racing tracks providing punters with thrilling betting opportunities in the state include Newcastle, Young, Wagga, Penrith, Bankstown and Bathurst.

Bathurst Events 

Punters will be elated by the variety of thrilling betting options available at Bathurst Racing track.

The usual meeting days at Bathurst include Wednesday nights for primary events, Friday nights for Feature events and the Gold Crown Carnival consisting of six meetings run over nine days in March.

Consistent Runners

Punters in quest of thrilling betting at Bathurst should consider the runners consistency.

Punters opting to lay wagers on Bathurst features should follow horses that show consistency as trotting and pacing harness racing embodies consistency as a fundamental discipline imperative to winning.

Betting Platforms

Punters opting for betting action at Bathurst Racing track have an array of platforms available to make use of. Land based outlets and online providers are available to punters, with the mobile app market penetrating betting culture providers have dedicated apps loaded with Bathurst betting options.