A Brief Overview of Casino Holdem for Online Players

Play’n Go software’s Casino Holdem is a great looking and sounding poker game. Casino hold em is a Texas holdem variant designed for one on one style play. The game can be played by multiple players, but the aim is to beat the dealer’s hand. In this sense the game is also similar to Black Jack in that your hand has to beat the house hand.

Casino Holdem was created by Stephen Au-Yeung in the 90’s as a training tool for his Texas holdem partner at the time. Soon live casinos and players picked up on it and the game’s popularity spread. The play style is ideal for online and video poker games, which is why play and go chose to bring you this great game on their software platform for mobile and desktop play. The croupier is replaced by the game’s AI and you will be playing against its hand.

Each hand dealt is a new deck of cards shuffled by play and go’s trusted random number generator. Casino Holdem uses a standard 52 card deck for play. In Casino Holdem you are also able to place two bets on one hand. You can place the standard Ante wager, as well as an AA Bonus wager.

Getting Started with Casino Holdem

At the start of play each player will place his ante bet, the base buy in amount. Play’n Go Casino Holdem can be played with real money, but the in game currency is paid in coins that you can choose the value of. The dealer deals each player including himself two cards with their faces down. The dealer will then place three cards face up on the board and each player can then check his hand and decide to either fold his hand, which means you will lose your ante wager. Or you can call which means that you will then wager double your original ante wager.

The three cards on the board are termed a flop, once all wagers are placed, a fourth card will be placed on the table termed the turn. This phase is your last opportunity to make a wager. Once the fifth and last card is placed, called the river, the dealer will reveal his hand and yours to determine the winner. The hands are ranked according to standard poker hands. The best nz online casino payout on wins is also determined by the odds against the winning hand you have. It is possible to have a tie game with the dealer, termed a push, which results in you getting your wager returned to you.

How to Wager in Casino Holdem

The wager pay outs are ranked against the odds of being dealt your winning hand. In Casino holdem the standard payout is 1:1 for a straight or less i.e. a pair or high card. A royal flush will get you a pay ratio of 100:1

Placing a Side Wager

Casino Holdem also offers players a side bet, termed the AA bonus. This wager is placed at the start of the game along with your Ante wager. The AA bonus wager is on your two cards in hand and the first three cards dealt, in other words the flop. The pay ration for the royal flush is still 100:1 but the other poker hands have their ratios increased, with the straight now paying at a 7:1 ratio.