Gunslinger Online Slot

If the Wild Wild West runs in your blood then Gunslinger will get your heart racing. The Wild West theme has been recreated many a time by online gaming developers, but this particular version of this theme has been perfectly executed in every way. The design of this online video slot is to be complimented as it speaks of quality, not to mention the effort that went into the 3 original bonus features to keep players’ eyes glued to their screens.

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Elementals Online Video Slot

Elementals is a bright and colourful online video slot game produced by Microgaming. The game is all about the four elements of life represented by a band of superhero characters similar to the Captain Planet TV show. The game has a classic casino look to it with a standard purple wallpaper background and casino lobby background music. The colourful cartoon style symbols take up the bulk of the screen with the various game buttons located at the bottom of the screen. The 2D cartoon graphics give the game an early 90’s look which seems to work well with the basic casino sound effects.

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All American Multihand

All American Multihand is a RTG Favourite

Real Time Gaming is an online gaming software provider that offers a collection of top class casino games to online casinos worldwide. Real Time Gaming is one of the few providers that also accept players from the United States. Established in 1999, Real Time Gaming is based in both Atlanta Georgia, and Costa Rica, and has built a reputation for fast, clear and accurate software that is easy and reliable for players to use.

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All American

All American is a Popular Video Poker Game

Real Time Gaming is a popular online casino platform, and one of the few that accepts players from the United States. They also operate their own online casinos, and their platform is very fast and stable.

Real Time Gaming has produced all types of casino games, including slots game and a range of table games, scratch cards and bingo. Their video poker games are also well known and popular all over the world, and one of their video poker games that is often played online is All American video Poker.

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Aces & Eights

Aces & Eights One of the New Forms of Video Poker

Poker in one or another form has been offered in casinos for more than a century, but it was always difficult to reach the general populace with the time and space required for them to enjoy the game. During the 1980s however, video game technology advanced so much that casinos began offering slot machines and the new game video poker, on machines that made them easy to acess.

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The Cooler

Unlucky Casino Action with The Cooler Movie                             

In older casino jargon a cooler was a player or employee that was not only themselves unlucky around the tables but additionally made those around them more unlucky. The Cooler is a film about just that, a player down on his luck and in debt to powerful casino owners whilst living and working on the Las Vegas Strip. With such a story to play with the writers could properly explore the superstition in the gambling industry as well as the darker, more immoral side to betting.

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Primero Is a Game of the Sixteenth Century

Primero is the first confirmed version of a game directly related to our present day poker, and has been referred to as” Poker’s mother”. This gambling card game goes right back to the sixteenth century. The earliest reference to Primero was made in 1526, and apparently the game of Primero was even mentioned by Shakespeare in the play Henry VIII, when Falstaff says “ I never prospered since I forswore myself at primero”, Primero is also closely related to the game called primo visto, or prima vista.

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Gaming Control Commission Ontario

The Gaming Control Commission Ontario

In Canada, gambling is heavily regulated and with licences awarded only to established casinos and certain companies. The Gaming Control Commission Ontario was the regularity body who regulated and made sure that casino gaming was conducted in the public interest by social and financially responsible agencies. The commission has since been replaced and is now the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The new commission includes the overseeing of the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act in Ontario Canada. It is the regulatory body responsible for administering liquor licences and regulation land based and online casino gaming in Ontario.

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Dou Dizhu

The Climbing Game of Dou Dizhu

Dou Dizhu can be translated as Fight the Landlord, and it is a climbing card game for three players ideally, although this number can be increased to four. In each of the hands the player taking the part of the landlord will play against the remaining players who will form a team. The aim of the landlord is to be the first to play out all his or her cards in the valid combinations, and the team will win if they manage to do so before he or she can. It is said to have begun in the Hubei province, but it is now played all over not only China but the world, thanks to the easy access the world of online casinos provide.

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