Smart Money

Smart Money

Another classic set during the 1930s, Smart Money is all about the exciting world of gambling, and how it can have its ups and downs. Smart money stars legendary actors Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney. Filmed in black and white, and produced by Warner Brothers, Smart Money is a pre-code drama film, being released during the period where films were beginning to use sound.

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Sigma Derby

Sigma Derby History

Sigma Derby was first introduced in nineteen eighty five by a Japanese manufacturer called Sigma Games Inc. While it was very popular upon its launch, over the years it has seen a decline in popularity and the number of games that are still available to players today. Both of the games that are still available to players today are located in Las Vegas.

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Rain Man

About Rain Man

Released in 1988 and featuring famous stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, Rain Man is a comedy drama about an autistic savant. The story is centred on two brothers, played by Hoffman and Cruise, and their adventure as they travel across the country.

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Provably fair

Provably Fair Explained

When a person loses at a casino game consistently, it is not long before the thought crosses their mind as to how fair the game being played really is. Of course, the very definition of fair can be called into question where casino games are involved, given that a house edge exists, but one must consider fair by the legal standards enforced on casinos. In terms of real world casinos, whether a game is fair or not can easily be determined by simply confirming that the dealer is legit, and that the cards or dice being used are regulation.

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Hit it Rich!

About the Game Hit it Rich!

Hit it Rich! is from Zynga and is a social network casino game that is available on Facebook. Ii is considered to be a freemium game which essentially means that it is completely free to play. There are however options available for purchasing certain extra features.

Versions of Hit it Rich! have been released for both iOS and Android operating systems where game play can be carried over from the web version onto mobile. The game was rated the most downloaded casino game onto iPad in February of 2014.

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Harrah’s Joliet

Harrah’s Joliet Riverboat Casino

Joint-owned by Caesars Entertainment and Missouri hotel developer, John Hammons, Harrah’s Joliet is a riverboat hotel and casino in Joliet, Illinois. With 80% of the shares, Caesars Entertainment is the dominant force behind Harrah’s Joliet.

Located on the Des Plaines riverfront on Joliet Street, Harrah’s Joliet is a modern Art-Deco-style resort with a 204-room hotel, 40 000 square feet of gaming space, 31 table games, over 1 000 slot machines, a poker room, a gift shop, and four restaurants.

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Groom Porter

What Is A Groom Porter?

In days of old a groom porter oversaw the lodgings and furnishings of the royal high court. He also saw to it that, should dice or cards be played in the royal court, everyone playing had what they needed. This included tables, chairs, the dice themselves, and decks of cards. Later, when disputes arose during the gambling in the high court, as will generally happen wherever people gamble, the porter was given the duty of settling the disputes. Being seen as an independent body, the man was allowed to decide a final winner, and settle the matter once and for all. An amusing fact is that gambling was only permitted in the royal high court during certain periods of time, and that the king himself would sometimes like to take part.

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