All American Multihand

All American Multihand is a RTG Favourite

Real Time Gaming is an online gaming software provider that offers a collection of top class casino games to online casinos worldwide. Real Time Gaming is one of the few providers that also accept players from the United States. Established in 1999, Real Time Gaming is based in both Atlanta Georgia, and Costa Rica, and has built a reputation for fast, clear and accurate software that is easy and reliable for players to use.

Among the huge variety of online games Real Time Gaming supplies, video poker games are among the most popular. Video poker games only date from the 1980s, and players are increasingly finding them entertaining and profitable. They are a combination of the eternally popular card game poker, with the present day most popular casino game, the slot machine. Real Time Gaming has produced a variety of video poker games, and among the favourites is All American Poker.

Games Can Be Played in Either Single and Multihand Forms

RTG video poker games can be played in both single and multi hand forms of the games, with 3, 5, 10, 52 or 100 hands at the same time. You can choose your credits from denominations between 0.01 and 5,

All American Multihand is an exciting but fairly straightforward game, with standard video poker rules. It does pay out for Jacks or better. Video poker players will at once recognise the game screen when it first starts up. You will see five cards face down in front of you, with the pay table laid out to one side of the screen. You will also see a table showing the winning hands from each round. Any win you make in All American Multihand will need to start with a hand consisting of at least a pair of Jacks. After the first cards dealt, you will be given a chance to discard any cards you do not wish to keep, and to replace those cards in the hope of improving your hand. Make your bet using the different betting options available at the bottom of the screen, and then press the big button in the centre marked Deal. Your five cards will now be displayed, and you can choose which to keep and which to throw away. When you have reached a decision, press the Deal button again, and your final hand will be revealed, and perhaps a pretty good win.

A Bonus Feature

In some slots games you will find a Gamble feature, and in All American Multihand there is a bonus round offered that is somewhat similar. You will get the chance to double your wins by guessing correctly the colour of the next random playing card drawn. You could lose your wins, though, for an incorrect guess.

The pay table and ranking of the cards in your hand in All American Multihand are much the same as those used in the normal game of poker, but do vary a little. If you find yourself unsure of what to discard or hold when you have in your hand a pair lower than a pair of Jacks, or a single Jack or a higher card, remember statistics say you are more likely to draw a matching Jack or higher than a card which will make three of a kind. The payout in All American Multihand is, however, bigger for a hand with three of a kind, so perhaps it would be better to go for that.


All American

All American is a Popular Video Poker Game

Real Time Gaming is a popular online casino platform, and one of the few that accepts players from the United States. They also operate their own online casinos, and their platform is very fast and stable.

Real Time Gaming has produced all types of casino games, including slots game and a range of table games, scratch cards and bingo. Their video poker games are also well known and popular all over the world, and one of their video poker games that is often played online is All American video Poker.

All American video poker is another variation of Jacks or Better, and is a favourite among players who are fairly experienced in playing video poker games. All American has grown in popularity over time, and now you can play the game online whenever you want to.

Very Generous Pay-outs

One of the main reasons for the Popularity of All American video poker is its generous pay table. This game will give large payouts for Flush and Straight winning hands, and also some pretty big pay outs for hands like Straight Flushes and Four of a Kind. These huge payouts are balanced to some degree by a reduced pay out for hands containing Two Pairs and a Full House. Pay outs will therefore be higher than standard for a Straight Flush, a Straight or Flush hands, a standard pay out for a Royal Flush or Three of a Kind, or Jacks or Better, and a lower than normal pay out for a Full House or Two Pairs.

All American by Realtime Gaming does play more or less like the game Jacks or Better, but you may need a different strategy because of the different scale of pay outs on some of the hands. Even the most experience players, including the professionals, believe that it is always best to keep paying hands as opposed to breaking them up in the hope of getting a better hand in the next deal.

Certain Strategies to Remember

There are certain tips that you can apply while playing All American video poker. If you not have in your hand a Four of a Kind, a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush in the first deal, always keep the four cards that may lead to a royal flush, or go for a Full House. If you have four cards to a straight flush with no gaps, go for a Flush or a Straight. Keep four cards to a Straight Flush even if there is one gap, and keep three of a kind. Always keep three suited high cards, and keep flour cards to a Flush, and keep two pairs. Also it is a good idea to keep a king, queen, jack and ten even if unsuited.

There are several other combinations of cards you may receive in the first draw that are worth keeping intact, but if none of them appear, discard all cards and draw five new ones. Some also suggest that if you have a high card plus a winning Pair, it is wiser to discard the high card. There could be the distinct possibility of getting Three of a Kind. You may get another high card to go with the original one, but in All American video poker, the payouts for Two Pairs and a Full House are reduced, so it is best to go for the higher paying combinations.

If you have played and enjoyed Jacks or Better, then you will have an easy time playing All American too.

Aces & Eights Multihand

Aces & Eights Multihand is Becoming Extremely Popular

Aces & Eights Multihand by Real Time Gaming offers a different gaming experience, and attracts thousands of players every day in all countries of the world. This game has a game structure and innovative rules and themes that are favourable to players of all ages.

You will find that there are different versions of Aces & Eights Multihand on the internet, but the Real Time Gaming Aces & Eights Multihand is definitely one of the most popular forms of the game played at any online casino. One of the reasons for its popularity is due to the bonuses and jackpots that are offered, and which will give some great rewards.

Some Huge Wins can be Made

The rules for Aces & Eights Multihand are quickly learnt, and players will enjoy playing the game for years to come. The first Aces & Eights video poker games were introduced on the internet in 1998, and by 2010 there were more than five hundred online casinos around the world featuring this game, and showing that forty million people are playing this game daily. Aces & Eights is a surprising and exciting variation that lets you play up to fifty two hands at once, so you have up to fifty two opportunities for big wins. There are certainly some huge payouts that are won, as Aces & Eights Multihand pays out 250 times your bet for a Royal Flush, and 80 times your bet for Four Aces or four Eights, and that is when you only bet the minimum. These winnings will increase, of course if you bet the maximum, and a Royal flush when you have bet the maximum will pay out a massive four thousand times your bet.

How to Play

To play this game you select the denomination of credits you want to play with, but that does not mean that is your final bet. You will have the chance to bet more credits as you place your bet. Higher denominations will lead to higher bets. You decide on a denomination and the next step is to click on the number of hands you want to play.

Click the Play button and the game will reload with the credit denomination displayed and the number of hands of cards that you selected face down on the table. You click Deal to see your cards. You keep as many as you like by clicking on them until the word Hold appears. Those cards get added to each hand on the board. You click on the button Draw to replace the discarded cards with new ones. You will then be paid out an amount based on the hands you are holding.

So Many Winning Chances

Playing up to fifty-two hands at once does indeed require a certain type of concentration. Real Time Gaming Aces & Eights Multihand lets you customise your table by adjusting your screen size and the gamer play speed. Player Options button are located under the menu tab for you to make any adjustments you want. This game certainly lets you go big with real money.

Aces & Eights Multihand is so popular online, and presents so many winning chances, that many casinos offer huge welcome bonuses to beginning players. This game can also be played for free at Real Time Gaming casinos.

Aces & Eights

Aces & Eights One of the New Forms of Video Poker

Poker in one or another form has been offered in casinos for more than a century, but it was always difficult to reach the general populace with the time and space required for them to enjoy the game. During the 1980s however, video game technology advanced so much that casinos began offering slot machines and the new game video poker, on machines that made them easy to acess.

Video Poker is a relatively new arrival on the casino scene, appearing after the first computerised computer games. It is a mix of traditional poker and an online slots game, where you play the machine, and has become a firm favourite. Video Poker is a straightforward game with rules that are easy to understand.

Real Time Gaming’s Version of Aces & Eights

Online casinos began offering some variations on the standard video poker games, to keep the excitement fresh. First of all there was Deuces Wild, then came Joker Poker, and afterwards came Aces & Eights.  Real Time Gaming has produced a version of the video poker game Aces & Eights that is similar to Jacks or Better. Real Time Gaming software is sharp and fast, and also easy to use, and come in a downloadable version or instant Flash version.

In RTG’s Aces & Eights the second highest hand in the game Four of a Kind. There are some other hands higher than the normal hands, and they include Four of a Kind with Sevens, as well as a few other combinations of Four of a Kind.

Card Rankings Much Like Poker

The ranking of hands in the game Aces & Eights are generally the rankings used for most poker games. The hand with the highest value will be a royal flush, but the hand with the second highest value will be a Four of a King Hand, with either Aces or Eights. Then comes a straight flush, and after that comes Four of a Kind with Sevens, and after that Four of a Kind with any other cards, then a Flush, a Full House, a Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs and lastly Jacks or Better.   In a video poker game you will be dealt five cards, just like in a regular poker game, only video poker is played on a screen with animations. You decide which cards to keep and which to discard. The aim of RTG’s video poker game is the same as any other poker game, to finish with the hand with the highest value.

Tips on Strategies

Every video poker game has an effective way to play it, and Aces & Eights is no different. Real Time Gaming has offered some tips on the strategies players may adopt. If you are dealt a hand with no Jacks or higher, it is probably best to discard all those cards and hope for better cards in the next draw. Any hand that will pay out anything, do not discard any of the cards, the next draw may add to it. Use the maximum number of credits possible, as it will increase the return on your hands.

Aces & Eights is a modern form of video poker, only a few years old. It is similar to Jacks or Better, so can be played with a similar strategy. Real Time Gaming allows you to practise on the free version of Aces & Eights that they offer before you attempt playing for real money. And practice makes perfect!

The Cooler

Unlucky Casino Action with The Cooler Movie                             

In older casino jargon a cooler was a player or employee that was not only themselves unlucky around the tables but additionally made those around them more unlucky. The Cooler is a film about just that, a player down on his luck and in debt to powerful casino owners whilst living and working on the Las Vegas Strip. With such a story to play with the writers could properly explore the superstition in the gambling industry as well as the darker, more immoral side to betting.

The movie received positive reviews on average, with the most notable ones directed toward the casting and actor performances of which a fair few A list names contributed toward the experience. Overall this is a film intended to look at the nitty gritty parts of the casino gaming world, and add a few perspectives to this favoured past time.

Opening The Cooler Plot and Storyline

The main character of this story is one Bernie Loots, who is the namesake of the film, The Cooler. Down on his luck and slowly paying of gambling debt Bernie strikes up discussion with Shelly Kaplow, who owns the Shangri-La casino on the Strip as well as being recipient for the due gambling debt accrued by Bernie. This relationship is far from amicable; especially as Shelly broke Bernie’s kneecap a few years before for a very similar situation. Determined to finally pay off his debt and move out of Vegas Bernie announces this decision to Shelly. Then things begin to change.

Bernie meets a woman and his superstition as The Cooler begins to fade and even to turn all the way around. What Bernie is yet to realise here is that Shelly has paid this woman to keep him here, keep him gambling and keep him in debt. What Shelly are soon to realise however, is that these two are falling in love with each other, regardless of pre-planned agendas. This does therefore culminate towards a rather happier ending than would have been surmised upon meeting Bernie Loots. The story goes through the ups and downs of a gambler in debt in the city of Las Vegas, which would definitely consist of some specific highs and lows.

The writers also get to experiment with the moral dilemmas of the situation and the casino gaming industry, as few people will come to find themselves more immersed than those who live and thrive on the Strip itself. A good overall idea but of course with a bit of overplayed character and storyline aspects most movies fall prey to in this day and age where authenticity is impossible to replicate one hundred per cent through.

Different Cast Members of The Cooler

The 2003 film The Cooler actually had quite a few different A list names in the credits and was praised heavily for its casting. On the roster are names like William H. Macy, Maria Bello and Alec Baldwin. The latter receiving considerable acclaim for the role of Shelly Kaplow. Overall the actors did well to bring the writings of screenwriters Frank Hannah and Wayne Kramer to life.


Primero Is a Game of the Sixteenth Century

Primero is the first confirmed version of a game directly related to our present day poker, and has been referred to as” Poker’s mother”. This gambling card game goes right back to the sixteenth century. The earliest reference to Primero was made in 1526, and apparently the game of Primero was even mentioned by Shakespeare in the play Henry VIII, when Falstaff says “ I never prospered since I forswore myself at primero”, Primero is also closely related to the game called primo visto, or prima vista.

The Origin Is Uncertain

The actual origin of Primero is uncertain. It could have come either from Spain or Italy, although several writers have asserted that the earliest written mention of the game is in an Italian poem by Berni. That certainly would offer proof that it was at least commonly played in Italy at the beginning of the sixteenth century. Berni’s work, published in Rome in 1526 is believed to be the earliest work describing a card game. He also includes some particulars of the game, and some believe that it is still played in central Europe and Spain under the name goffo or bambera.

This old game was called prime in France and Primiera in Italy. The name is could be derived from Latin, meaning first, but the world primero is actually a Spanish word meaning first or chief. Primero and prima vista re probably one and the same game, although whatever the origin of the game, it ended up being played in slightly different ways in different countries. New rules were added, with variations of old rules, and this made the games quite separate.

An Elizabethan Card Party Shows the Cards Used

There is a painting made of an Elizabethan card party, in which some of the lords are depicted playing a game of cards. The cards used seem to be marked the same as those used today, although they are longer and narrower. The coins on the table appear to be coins of Edward VI and Elizabeth 1. A passage in an old play by Robert Greene has been quoted as proof the Primero was a gambling game. Judging from the partial descriptions of the game that still remain, it would seem that Primero was played for either large or small stakes.

Primero seems to have been one of the earliest card games played in England during the Renaissance and the Tudor dynasty. Certainly it continued to be a fashionable game for many years, as it was mentioned several times by writers of that time.

The Highest Value Hand Wins

The object of the game Primero, as in poker, was to obtain the highest possible hand, or at least to bluff your competitors out of betting against you. There are no existing written rules for the 16th century primero, only descriptions. A number of reconstructions has been done, on the evidence of books describing the strategy. Primero was played with a 40 card deck, and with four to six players. The player who holds the ‘prime’, the sequence of the best cards, and a good trump, is sure to be successful over his adversaries.

Gaming Control Commission Ontario

The Gaming Control Commission Ontario

In Canada, gambling is heavily regulated and with licences awarded only to established casinos and certain companies. The Gaming Control Commission Ontario was the regularity body who regulated and made sure that casino gaming was conducted in the public interest by social and financially responsible agencies. The commission has since been replaced and is now the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The new commission includes the overseeing of the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act in Ontario Canada. It is the regulatory body responsible for administering liquor licences and regulation land based and online casino gaming in Ontario.

The New Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

The Gaming Control Commission Ontario, now the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) was established in 1998 under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996. The act gave the commission the responsibility for administering the Liquor Licence Act and the Gaming Control Act in Ontario. The agency reports to the Ministry of the Attorney General. It is responsible for administering a number of acts including the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996 (Sections 3 and 4), the Liquor Licence Act, the Gaming Control Act, 1992, the Wine Content and Labelling Act, 2000, the Liquor Control Act (Section 3(1) b, e, f, g and 3(2) a), the Charity Lottery Licensing Order in Council 1413/08 and the Horse Racing Licence Act, 2015.

Alcohol Licences and Sales

So what does this mean for the public? AGCO, formally the Gaming Control Commission Ontario can essentially be split into gaming/betting and Alcohol. Under the alcohol section, the commission is responsible for issuing of liquor licences to business for the purpose of liquor sales, ferment on premise facilities, liquor delivery service, as well as manufacturers and manufacturer’s representative. Through its inspection and investigation branch, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario works with the police to conduct liquor licence act inspections.

Charitable Gaming

When it comes to gaming, AGCO, formally the Gaming Control Commission Ontario is split into charitable gaming and commercial gaming. Charitable gaming is when local charitable and religious organisations source funding by holding lottery events such as bingo, raffles, as well as the sale of break open tickets. The commission is responsible for overseeing the licencing of these events as well as registering commercial suppliers and gaming assistants for the events.

Commercial Gaming

In addition to horse racing, ADCO formally known as the Gaming Control Commission Ontario is responsible for regulating the operation of land based casinos, slot machine facilities as well as internet gaming and casinos by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The key activities for the commission include: Testing and approving slot machines and lottery systems. Approving and monitoring the control systems and surveillance systems used in casinos, slot machine facilities and online casinos. Inspecting and monitoring casinos, slot machine facilities as well as online casinos for compliance with the Gaming Control Act. Registering suppliers and casino gaming assistants. Approving rules of play as well as changes to the rules of games of chance approved by the OLG. And finally maintaining casino enforcement operations at all times

Dou Dizhu

The Climbing Game of Dou Dizhu

Dou Dizhu can be translated as Fight the Landlord, and it is a climbing card game for three players ideally, although this number can be increased to four. In each of the hands the player taking the part of the landlord will play against the remaining players who will form a team. The aim of the landlord is to be the first to play out all his or her cards in the valid combinations, and the team will win if they manage to do so before he or she can. It is said to have begun in the Hubei province, but it is now played all over not only China but the world, thanks to the easy access the world of online casinos provide.

Description of Dou Dizhu Rules and Play

Dou Dizhu falls within the genre of shedding. It is an incredibly popular pastime for Chinese players, and it is very easy to learn. While getting into play is quite straightforward, however, it does take dedication to acquire the strategic and mathematical thinking the game requires, and this fact provides on going enjoyment for those who have mastered the initial grasp of play.

Dou Dizhu is best enjoyed by three players, and these will make use of a single deck of cards, including both the jokers. The game begins with players starting to bid for the position of the landlord. The losers will enter the game as so-called farmers, and form a team in order to compete with the player who managed to secure the landlord position.

The Basic Rules of Dou Dizhu

The basic rules that players of Dou Dizhu will have to master are very easy to remember, and, thanks to the wide availability of free and demo version available at top online casinos, players are able to put their knowledge to as much practice as they wish before the real money betting begins. Players need to bear in mind however that since they are not risking any of their own money during play they will not be able to take any of their winnings with them when the game finishes. Being in the running for holding on to any wins necessitates risking some of their own.

  1. Cards are ranked individually in the following descending order: coloured joker; white joker; two; ace; king; queen; jack; ten; nine; eight; seven; six; five; four; three.
  2. Suits are neither here nor there –players can play Dou Dizhu with the matter of suits erased from the cards.
  3. Only the same category hand can be compared: players are only able to beat the preceding hand using cards of the same category.
  4. Only chains of identical length can be compared. Beating the preceding hand by using the same amount of cards is a key principle for this game, and only the Bomb and the Nuke may override this rule.
  5. Players are only allowed to compare the rank of the so-called Primal cards. The Kicker’s rank does not affect comparisons.
  6. Jokers and twos are not consecutive cards: the coloured joker; white joker; and two are not to be used in any of the primal card chains since they are not considered as following the ace.

The North Avenue Irregulars

About The North Avenue Irregulars

The North Avenue Irregulars is a comedy crime released on the 9th of February, 1979. The plot revolves around the antics a minister and a group of church ladies get up to after a band of criminals move into their town and set up a gambling racket different to what you see at the top online casinos in Canada.

The film was produced by Walt Disney Productions, and distributed by Buena Vista Distribution Company, and was based on the original work of Albert Fay Hill. Although known as The North Avenue Irregulars in the United States, the firm was released as Hill’s Angels in the United Kingdom.

Cast and Crew in The North Avenue Irregulars

Actor Edward Herrman portrayed the minister, Michael Hill. Alongside him, the group of church ladies was made up of Barbara Harris, Susan Clark, and Karen Valentine. The two FBI Agents are played by Michael Constantine, and Steve Franken, with Alan Hale Jr as one of the main antagonists.

The North Avenue Irregulars was adapted and written by Don Tait, produced by Ron Miller, and directed by Bruce Bilson.

The North Avenue Irregulars Plot

The film starts of with reverend Michael Hill and his family arriving in a new town where he is to be the new minister at the North Avenue Presbyterian Church. He soon realises that the church’s funds are sinking at a fast rate, and decides to try and implement some new changes to try get the town involved in the church. The church secretary, Anne, is suspicious of the new minister and his planned changes, but the minister is confident, and seeks help from Mrs. Rafferty to assist him with the church’s decreasing finances.

During his first sermon, Hill learns from Mrs Rafferty that her husband used the remainder of the church’s money to bet on a horse race, after which the minister demands to meet the bookie that made the deal. Upon meeting the bookie, Hill calls the police, but they are unable to help as the wager has been successfully removed from all records. Hill then uses the local television station to openly wage war against the criminals in the town, much to the disappoint of his superiors, who chastise him for his actions. Soon after, two FBI Agents arrive in town, looking to topple the local gambling scene, planning to recruit locals to help them. Although most of the people decline the offer, all the ladies of the church decide to help Hill and the FBI with their plan.

While enacting their plan, the criminals decide to bomb the church, and the secretary Anne decides to resign. Although initially wanting to give in, the group decide to carry on with their war against the gambling racket, and through some luck and coincidence, Anne manages to track one of the criminals back to their base of operations. Soon after, as the criminals are attempting to escape, the police arrive and seize all the evidence, while arresting all those involved in the racket. The next Sunday, after the town has learnt of what happened, it’s declared that the church will be rebuilt, and the film ends with everyone rejoicing.

Verdict of The North Avenue Irregulars

While not the most popular film to be released by Disney, The North Avenue Irregulars still provides many laughs for both adults and children alike.

Smart Money

Smart Money

Another classic set during the 1930s, Smart Money is all about the exciting world of gambling, and how it can have its ups and downs. Smart money stars legendary actors Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney. Filmed in black and white, and produced by Warner Brothers, Smart Money is a pre-code drama film, being released during the period where films were beginning to use sound.

Although often thought of as a traditional gangster movie, Smart Money is considered a drama, as the plot of the film revolves around the rise and fall of one man. The film was nominated at the 4th Academy Awards for the award of Best Story, which is now a defunct category.

Cast and Crew of Smart Money

The leading roles were performed by Hollywood heavyweights Edward G. Robinson, and James Cagney, both well known for their roles as gangsters in Hollywood films of the time. Edward G. Robinson plays Nick Venizelos, while James Cagney stars as Jack. The main love interest of Robinson’s character is Irene, portrayed by Evalyn Knapp. The main antagonist of the film, Sleepy Sam, is played by actor Ralf Harolde.

Smart Money was written by Kubec Glasmon, John Bright, Lucien Hubbard, and Joseph Jackson. Alfred E. Green both produced and directed the film.

Smart Money Synopsis

Nick Venizelos, a Greek man living in a town called Irontown, is the local barber, and also holds gambling sessions in the back of his shop. Nick is gifted in poker, almost always winning every game he plays. He becomes so renown throughout the town for his skill that his patrons offer to help pay for him to play against legendary poker player, Hickory Short. Nick manages to raise the money he needs to enter a poker game with Short, but quickly loses all his money, as the game was rigged. Nick learns that Short is in fact a man by the name of Sleepy Sam, a famous conman, while the real Hickory resides in jail. Nick leaves back to Irontown, but swears revenge on Sleepy Sam.

After spending six months raising enough money to have another poker game against Sleepy Sam, the two accept a wager for $50000. Unbeknownst to Sam, Nick has rigged the game, and ends up winning. The conman and his crew then pull out guns, but Nick calls for help, and Jack and another man enter with guns already drawn, and are able to make an escape. Nick goes on to become an extremely wealthy man, eventually playing and winning against the real Hickory Short.

Nick, however, has a well-known weakness for blonde women, and after falling for a girl they find, Irene, things begin to unravel. The district attorney blackmails Irene into planting evidence that can be used against Nick, but not before Jack finds out. While attempting to reveal the truth to Nick, Jack gets knocked across the head and subsequently dies, and Nick is arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison, but bets that he will get out in five.

Smart Money Verdict

A classic movie about the rise and fall of one man, Smart Money features some of the most iconic actors ever to grace the silver screen.