How to Play Online Casino Game Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker, by Play ‘n Go, is a variation of standard poker, using the same basic rules, but with a few twists. The game can now be played online, via your mobile phone or home computer, featuring a realistic design, voice narrator, immersive animations, and user friendly controls. The game may also be played for free, using virtual currency, or for real money. Remember to be logged into your account if you wish to play for real money, and ensure that there are funds in your account. To add more funds, please have your bank account connected.

Understanding Pai Gow Poker

This variation of poker is played with one hand of seven. There are no draws, and no card exchanges of any kind. The POLi poker online player simply has to create the best two hands from his seven cards, one hand of five, and one hand of two. The trick of the game is that both hands must beat the dealer in order to win, and the dealer must beat both of your hands in order for you to lose. If only one hand is a loss or a win, the round is a push, and the bet returned to the player. In this fashion, a player may avoid losing, if they are not confident of winning, simply by having one good hand. This game will require practice, and a great deal of getting used to the strategies involved. It is best for new players to play for free before putting down real money.

Joker Card and Other Rules

This version of Pai Gow Poker uses a joker card, easily identifiable by the star. It may stand as a substitute for other cards, and create winning sequences. You may, for example, have two aces and a joker to form three of a kind, or three aces ad a joker to form four of a kind. The joker is a very valuable hand in this version of poker, and will normally result in a win if used correctly. Please note, your second hand, two cards, may never have a higher value then your first hand, five cards. For more explanation of how to play this game, look for the question mark icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Phone Friendly Interface

Pai Gow Poker uses an interface designed for touch screens. The buttons all require only a single tap, and graphics are suitable for smaller screens. The control system is intuitive, and the applicable options for each step of the game will appear when they are valid. Simply play the game, and the buttons will change, guiding you along the way. Note also the betting chips at the bottom right, which will change how much is bet per tap on the betting table. You balance is at the bottom centre of the screen. Sound may be switched off via the speaker icon, but take not that this game uses a voice narrating system, which is very useful for new players who are not yet certain about the rules.